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The Chickens are back

As of Monday, the 2nd May we are able to return the Chickens to their coop on the yurt site. We will be putting 5 hens in their new coop so there will be the opportunity for guests to collect fresh eggs every day. Sadly, we can’t put enough chickens, to allow everyone staying on the yurt site to have a fresh egg for their breakfast every morning as this would mean having around 30 chickens on the site. Not every chicken lays an egg every day, think about the size of an egg to the chicken, it’s the approximate comparison of giving birth every day (something every mum out there, wouldn’t wish on the worst enemy). so, they need a rest every other day or so.

We are again selling farm fresh eggs so no need to bring these tasty but fragile little capsules of goodness with you. £1.50 ½ Doz.

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