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Terms & Conditions

Please make sure you have read our Terms and Conditions before booking. By booking with us you accept our terms in full.

Bookings and Payments:

A 25% Deposit is required to make a reservation with us, along with your booking details. The Balance of 75% is payable no less than 8 weeks before your holiday, but we will send you a reminder. If the Balance is not paid within 2 weeks of your arrival date, then we reserve the right to cancel and re-let your booking at which point the 25% Deposit will be non-refundable. 

Payment can be made through our online booking system at the time of booking or by telephoning us directly on 01600 860723. Payment methods accepted include Bank Transfer (BAC’s), Credit/Debit Card and PayPal.  

Additional guests staying overnight/swapping people in your party:

At time of booking, you are asked to provide the number of adults and children you are making the booking for (total number of guests at time of booking).  You may wish to bring additional people/increase the number of people in your group after the initial booking. We are happy you do this as long as you don’t exceed the number of people the yurt can hold. There will be an additional cost of £25 per head on any additional guests.  

If one of your family/group or party leaves part way through the stay, that bed must remain empty and not be filled by a different person.

Additional/new/replacement guests are not allowed to come and take the place of anyone leaving early. Anyone doing this will be asked to leave.  

Please be aware any additional guests will not be allowed to stay and be requested to leave immediately, if you exceed the number of people the yurt you have booked can accommodate. 

Payments, Cancellations and Refunds policy:

Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your booking. You can contact us either by telephone on 01600 860 723 or by e-mail at info@hiddenvalleyyurts.co.uk 

From the time of booking, you have fourteen days to cancel and request a full refund (minus any costs incurred). After 14 days a 10% or £50 administration fee will apply to most canceled bookings that are still more than eight weeks away, whichever is the lower, but subject to ‘N.B.’ below. If a booking is cancelled within eight weeks of your arrival date, then the full deposit of 25% will be non-refundable, but any additional balance paid to us and cleared will be refunded. Cancelation within the two weeks prior to your arrival date, or at any time after it, will be completely non-refundable (including both the Deposit and Balance Payment).   

If by mutual agreement your booking is moved to a later date from the dates originally booked and after the booking has been moved you decide to cancel (for any reason) your booking, you will not be entitled to any refund of monies paid if the date of your original booking has paid.  

We strongly recommend you take out holiday insurance to cover illness, disruptions to your travel plans or any other unforeseen circumstances. 

 N.B. Any booking made through ‘QuirckyAcomm.Com or Pitchup.com’ will incur a 25% non-refundable deposit from 14 days after booking. Other notice periods and refunds for QuirckyAcomm.Com’ bookings remain the same as above. 

In the unlikely event of us having to cancel your holiday or your chosen yurt/yurts not being available due to staff illness, fire, damage, administrative error, legislative requirements etc. Lower Glyn Farm Ltd (Trading as Hidden Valley Yurts) cannot accept liability or responsibility for any consequential or financial loss but will refund any payment/s made to us for the booking in full.  

We cannot accept liability or responsibility for any consequential or financial loss if you cancel or your booking is cancelled on short notice for any reason (including a positive Covid-19 test result). 

Under 18s – Please be aware that we are unable to accept bookings from people under the age of 18.  We hold the right to turn away couples or groups of under 18’s if not accompanied by at least one responsible adult. Any booking made by a person under the age of 18 will be immediately cancelled and they could be sent home without a refund. 

Please do not exceed the total capacity of the number of people that can stay in any individual yurt. For example, if you have booked a 6 -man yurt and bring 7 people, the additional person will be requested to leave and return home wit out exception. We must follow the fire and HSE regulations for your family’s or members of your group’s safety. 

Children Under 5 Years of age. 

Children under 5 are counted as a person and therefore you should not assume that being under 5 years of age doesn’t count as a person. Please include them when providing total number of guests. If you exceed the total capacity of your accommodation in this way one or all members of your party may be requested to leave and be sent home without a refund. 

By booking, you confirm that you have agreed to and will abide by all our terms and conditions shown in this document. 

N.B. Children are classed as being from the ages of 0 up to 18. While we do understand that your children will always be your children, you will need to class them as adults if they are 18 or over for your booking. 


Should guests’ behaviour be completely unacceptable to ourselves/other guests, we reserve the right to ask the offending guest/s to leave immediately and without refund. Please read our noise policy. 


We do not allow any amplified music (this includes radios, iPod with speakers, phone docks, Bluetooth speakers, karaoke machines etc.). Sorry, but although once you are in the yurt field, it seems to be in the middle of nowhere, any noise rolls up the valley sides and we are very keen not to intrude on the peace of the valley, to keep all our guests and neighbours happy. 

As well as not allowing amplified music we also don’t allow loud partying. Acoustic guitars and singing campfire songs around the fire is fine. Once inside the yurt the thick felt lining will block most sounds, but there is a noise curfew at 10.30pm every night. We would really hate to ask you to leave before your check out date. 


While you are staying with us, we really want you to enjoy yourselves. If, however you are enjoying yourselves too much, drinking excessively, disturbing our other guests, making them feel uncomfortable, causing to much noise or disrespecting the yurts, site or farm you will be asked to leave immediately.   

Yurt/Facilities – Cleaning: 

Please remember that the showers, toilets, kitchen, main decking, dining table, campfire, pizza oven and BBQs are shared. Please clean up after use and try to accommodate other guests. We will empty the bins, clean the showers and toilets and take the recycling away daily. 

Please do not wear outdoor shoes inside the yurts, and please leave your yurt as you found it at the end of your holiday although there is no need to clean out the wood burner (they work better with a layer of old ash). 


This is always a tricky one – accidental damage happens and so far, we have never charged for small breakages. However, we do reserve the right to do so and would ask that you let us know if an item has been broken. Waterproof mattresses are put on every bed as a standard precaution (it is better to be safe than sorry and an accident could cause irreparable damage to our very special Mongolian furniture). 

Wood and Sticks: 

Very reluctantly we have had to introduce a charge for additional logs and sticks. We provide enough of both to last your stay for normal usage and provide the means to collect free sticks and logs in our woods. Unfortunately, we have had so many instances of guests burning the stove logs and sticks on the campfire that we have had to limit the supply. Additional large sack of logs are £5, bag of sticks £5.  

There is a central communal campfire on the yurt site, though fires will not be allowed in high winds. We try to supply enough wood for the campfire (free of charge) to last the entirety of your stay but will charge a fee (up to £25) to replenish the wood pile if we feel that use has been excessive or wasteful. We have 43 acres of woodland so there is an ample supply of fallen dead wood for you to collect (free of charge) from our woods. Please don’t saw down or break limbs off of any living trees (yes, this has happened!) as the wood will be green and won’t burn (lots of smoke but no fire). 


Under no circumstances should fires be lit anywhere except for the campfire site in the yurt field. Please make sure all members of your party understand this rule. Please take extra care around the wood burning stove, BBQs and the chimenea and under no circumstances allow children to tend these. We do not allow candles inside the yurts. Fire extinguishers are provided in each yurt and around the site (there is a £200 fine for setting these off payable before departure). 

General Safety/Responsibility for Children: 

This is not a manicured campsite with paved paths. In places the terrain is uneven and steep and could be slippery. The route from the car park to the yurt site is across a stream (either through the ford or over a narrow wooden bridge with handrails). Please make sure all members of your party are aware of this and wear suitable footwear. Wellies, crocs or boots are easiest as they can be easily taken off before entering the yurt. 

The safety of children is the responsibility of the supervising adults with them. Special care should be taken around the campfire. Each yurt has a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguisher and a fire notice – please take the time to locate these when you arrive. There is a hose pipe situated under each yurt for emergency use – we hope they will never be needed but better safe than sorry. 

The stream alongside the field is not fenced – it is deeper than it looks in places so please supervise children carefully. Whilst this is normally a gently brook, there are odd occasions when flash flooding causes the stream to become very lively indeed. However, the good news is that the yurt field doesn’t flood. 

Cars and Day Visitors: 

We only have limited car parking space, so each yurt has only 2 guaranteed car spaces. If you want to bring more or have day visitors, please ring us first so we can check we have space. 

Due to the abuse of our day visitors’ policy, we sadly are now limiting visitors to a single couple (2 adults) or family of no more the 5 members (1 to 2 adults and/or 3 to 4 children, the total amount of persons not exceeding 5 in total).  

You are only allowed visitors during 1 day of your stay. 

No pets allowed; visitors will need to leave their pets at home. 

Day visitors will need to depart the yurt site by 16:00 as not to disturbed or inconvenience our other guests. Day visitors are not allowed to stay overnight, in the event of overindulging in alcohol they must still leave and make other arrangements for over night accommodation. We are happy to call them a taxi, so please feel free to ask.  

Lower Glyn Farm (our home): 

Guests that are staying, are very welcome to wander around the majority of our farm. The only exceptions are our own private garden, the barns, any fields growing hay and the grounds surrounding the Lake House (we will put a private sign on the gate). Apart from this you are welcome to walk through acres of wildflower meadows and the 43 acres of woods, we are happy for children to make dens, climb trees etc. – but their safety is your responsibility, and no liability can be accepted for any accidents. All gates are clearly marked if they need to be closed. There are highland cattle in our fields and while they are friendly and used to people, we do not recommend getting too close. If in any doubt about the livestock, we would recommend that you avoid entering any fields in which they are located. Please keep your distance and go around the cattle if you do enter their field.  


No dogs (except service dogs) are permitted (even very small well-behaved ones).  

 Group Bookings – Damage/Behaviour Bond: 

We have found from experience that when we have let the campsite to large groups there has been an increase in damage and excess cleaning has been required. We therefore charge a deposit of £100 per yurt (£150 for the Lake House) – this will be returned within 7 days of the end of your holiday provided there is no damage or excess cleaning required. If a yurt or number of yurts are booked individually but part of a larger group as a whole, we will still request a £100.00 bond (per Yurt booked) from each of the lead bookers of each booking. 

The withholding of the damage/behaviour bond is down to our discretion and is non-negotiable. We will endeavour to refund the deposit in part or in full wherever possible. 

If you are a large group, we ask you to read, understand and pass on copies of these terms and conditions to each member of your group, so everyone understands our ethos on noise.  

Please be aware that failure to do this could lead to the whole group being asked to leave the premises at short notice in line with our Noise, Behaviour and Refund policies. 

If any member of your group decides to go home after a single night that bed will have to remain empty and not be replaced by another guest. Please read the Additional guests staying overnight/swapping people in your party section of this document 

Check Out: 

Please be aware that both kitchens and bathrooms are closed from 10:30am on check out days (Mondays and Fridays).  

Adult Only Groups: 

Unlike most yurt campsites we don’t ban single sex groups including hens and stags. However, we are a small site and are only able to accommodate those that want to enjoy what we have to offer i.e., a quiet rural location with lovely walks and outdoor activities. Please read our Noise, Behaviour, Refund and Damage/Behaviour Bond policies. We do not accept bookings for Hen, Stag, Wedding, Engagement or Birthday parties. 

We reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions if necessary. 

We hope this provides you with sufficient information but if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are constantly seeking to improve and welcome suggestions.