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Our History


Our site opened in 2007, captivating adventurers seeking a unique getaway. The visionary founders, Amanda and Peter Copp, nurtured its growth over the initial seven years. Our ownership began in 2015, inheriting a legacy of serenity and rejuvenation. With time, we’ve infused our individuality into this glamping haven, ushering in a series of thoughtful transformations.

In the wake of the 2015 season, an ambitious feat awaited us – the disassembly of each yurt, an undertaking that showcased our dedication. The subsequent year, 2016, unveiled a refreshing transformation as we introduced new covers, now adorned in an earthy olive-green hue. This subtle alteration harmonises seamlessly with the surroundings, reinforcing our commitment to natural integration. Revitalisation was not limited to aesthetics; we meticulously restored decks, furniture, and yurts, ensuring they retained their inviting allure.

A charming addition to our domain unfolded in 2018, when we undertook the winter-long task of reviving the quaint cricket pavilion nestled beside the serene lake. The culmination of our endeavours, aptly named The Lake House, beckons guests with its rustic elegance, a testimony to our ceaseless pursuit of excellence.

Whether you’re a seasoned sojourner or embarking on your first adventure, Hidden Valley Yurts and Lake House invite you to discover tranquillity anew. Rooted in our unwavering ethos, the allure of beauty and serenity remains unchanged. We hope you enjoy what you find at Hidden Valley Yurts and Lake House, whether you are a regular visitor or a first timer. The ethos is the same, as is the beauty and peacefulness. We are here on hand if you need us, and we hope you have a wonderful holiday here.

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