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Our Animals



On the farm we have five young highland heifers and one steer. These are one of Britain’s oldest most distinctive and best-known breeds with their shaggy hair and wide horns. We recently welcomed ten calves to our farm, sourced from a dairy farm in Devon. These calves comprise five heifers and five steers.

We don’t advise people to go in the field with them as they think everyone has food for them, and can be a bit pushy/playful but are still very friendly. They will be fenced off so you can still access the entire farm.


We have a mix of hybrid  chicken breeds who are reliable layers.


Our 80 acres of meadow and woodland are perfect for a wide diversity of wildlife. Dormice, badgers and foxes are often seen, as well as bank voles, pygmy shrews, pheasants, Daubenton’s bats, pipistrelle bats and hedgehogs. It is also home to many species of butterfly, including the rare ‘Dingy Skipper’, dragonflies, bees and insects as well as many species of bird. Buzzards can be seen circling overhead most days. The gently babbling brook which runs through the valley attracts birds such as kingfishers, herons and dippers, as well as crested newts, water boatmen and other aquatic insects. Otters have even been spotted by guests here, and it’s not rare to hear an owl hooting in the evening as the sun goes down. You never know what you may find so be sure to pack your bug boxes and spotters’ guides for a Spring- or Summer-Watch special.