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Natural Welsh Spring Water Hot Tubs

How do you fancy relaxing in a tub of warm gently bubbling Welsh Spring water with your family or friends?
Well now you can!!!!
When we first arrived at Hidden Valley Yurts back in 2015 and throughout 2016, we asked every guest who stayed what they thought about hot tubs. At the time the vast majority of the responses were negative and the hot tubs were unwanted.
However, over the years hot tubs have increased in popularity, so we have decided to trial the hire of a couple of inflatable hot tubs, ourselves.
From this weekend (13th May 2022) 2 inflatable hot tubs will be available to hire for individual yurt bookings and the Lake House. If they prove to be popular we will invest in some more.
Really sorry but we won’t yet be offering hot tub hire to group or whole site bookings during this trial period.
At the moment you are only able to hire the hot tubs by email or over the phone, we hope to have this as a booking option so you can book a tub when you book your holiday once the trial period is over.

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