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Self contained accommodation opening

It’s looking likely that self-contained accommodation will be able to open earlier than those with shared facilities. We’re ready for this and will have 3 completely self-contained yurts available as soon as we’re told we are able to.
England have already been told that’s from 12th April but the Welsh government aren’t making an announcement until 12th March.
Yurt 1 is completely self-contained with its own separate kitchen, toilet and outdoor safari shower.
There will then be 2 separate bathrooms and kitchens instead of a single communal facilities and we will only release bookings for 2 yurts meaning a kitchen and bathroom for each yurt. So until the 21st June only yurts 1, 2 and 3 are available to be booked. We hope that by mid-summer we will be able to open the other 2 yurts as well.
Of course if you are 1 household and wish to spread yourselves out between 2 yurts and share 1 bathroom you can do that as well but please contact us as you cannot book 2 yurts together on our website.
Plenty of cooking facilities for everyone too with a BBQ on every deck, another next to our lovely pizza oven too!
The Lake House is now completely fully booked until September (but that is filling up quickly).

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